Science Fiction and Spirituality Presentation

The Powerpoint from my presentations at Pantheacon 2017 and CUUPS on Science Fiction and Spirituality are available here. It was pretty wide-ranging and I think I ended up with three presentations crammed into one, but I hope those who attended found it helpful.

The last section touches on themes that relate to the name of this site. The imaginal real is an in-between world:

  • Where invisible realities become visible and corporeal things are spiritualized
  • Distinct from imaginary; the imaginal is “a world as ontologically real as the world of the senses and the world of the intellect” (Henry Corbin)
  • Perceived through the imagination as the physical world is perceived through the senses
  • Meditation, Jungian active imagination, Sufi spiritual practice, dream state, Otherworld. Fiction?

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